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“So far I’ve lost 75 pounds!”

“I realized I had metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, prediabetes, and fatty liver disease. My family doctor said,

“Oh we’ll just keep an eye on it.”

Since changing my lifestyle, my blood pressure has steadily come down. My blood sugars are mostly under 100. My liver enzymes are a lot better. My pillars are water, sleep, exercise, diet, and stress management. I’m going slowly and I’m getting healthier everyday.

I’m able to do interval running again and have been able to change my emotional eating habits, especially at work and in the evening. So far I’ve lost 75 pounds!”

- Rebecca P. -


“I have lost 50 pounds. I am no longer on any prescription medication.”

"Prior to my introduction to Zivli, I had eaten anything I wanted, anytime I wanted. I lost my mom in 2018 and my dad’s dementia was progressing. 

I had started watching some of Zivli’s videos on Instagram and they made sense. The one that really got to me was the one about if we drink one Dr Pepper each week for a year, we would have consumed 10.8 cups of sugar!  Then I learned that excess sugar is directly linked to dementia! That is why I started on this journey, asking God to help me.

I was determined I could make this work. I started in and haven’t looked back!"

- Tracy T. -

“This is the first time in my life my weight has stayed off. I lost 20 pounds and have been stable for a year!”


"I was desperate because I had tried everything. I was eating what I thought was healthy…whole grain breads, whole wheat pasta, low-fat everything. Nothing was working.

I just took my doctor’s word and every year she would say, “Excellent labs…you don’t have to do anything.” But When I looked at my labs I could see I was prediabetic, and had been since 2006. Protein was the biggest game changer for me. When I started upping my protein my sweet cravings left. I couldn’t believe it.

I wanted to enter my next decade (70s) at my best. I am so much stronger than I used to be because of the strength training. It’s life-changing!

When I had my hip replacement surgery, I knew I wanted to go into it strong. My recovery was so much quicker because I was stronger. 2 ½ months after surgery, I was able to run up over 200 steps like Rocky on vacation and bike with my family up and down hills. 

I was so grateful I found Zivli because I never wanted my children to have to plan something that “mom can do.” I want to be able to do most of the things they do. That was my “why.” Making these lifestyle changes has re-energized me. I know now I can go into my 70s in my best spiritual, emotional, and physical health because they all go together. 

Give yourself this gift. There is an epidemic of “infobesity” so I had to let all that go and trust the Zivli program. It was a wise choice and paid off.”

- Beth J. - 


“I’ve had 3 instances this summer at the pool of people thinking my grandsons are my sons!”

"In April 2022, as a birthday gift to myself, I joined the Zivli program. What really caught my attention was the evidence about insulin resistance causing not only Type 2 diabetes but also a myriad of other chronic health problems including breast cancer.

I had nonetheless been “pre-prediabetic” just based on the excessive amounts of sugar I was consuming on a daily basis, mostly consumed after dinner during some emotional night time eating.

I have lost 20 pounds and 10% body fat. I have significantly improved triglyceride levels (even though I am eating more saturated healthy fats than I ever have in my life!) and lower blood sugar levels. All my other blood tests are the same or slightly better than in years past.

I am exercising more regularly, including weight lifting, which I have always known as being critical for healthy aging, but am now even more devoted to incorporating it into my lifestyle after learning how muscle tissue health is linked to improved insulin sensitivity. And, I even achieved one of my “fun” goals which was to confidently wear my bikini again at the beach, which I did during our family vacation there last month.

The top left photo is from 2021, just after finishing a 53 mile bike ride. While I was able to accomplish that, I weighed 205 lbs, about 26 lbs over a normal BMI for my age (57) & height (I am 5’10.5”).

The other 3 photos are at the beach weighing 179 (my goal weight) wearing my bikini and doing cartwheels on the sand because I feel so good!"

- Besty P. -

"My doctor was very pleased at a loss of 40 pounds. He eliminated one of my two blood pressure meds and cut the cholesterol prescription in half."


"I started the Zivli program initially with the goal of losing about 30 pounds before my next annual physical in November.

However, after working through the program, gaining a deeper understanding of the overall health benefits of the low carb and insulin reducing lifestyle, my goals were expanded to reduce my existing medication (cholesterol and blood pressure) as well.

My doctor, while not necessarily buying into this lifestyle, was very pleased at a loss of 40 pounds, improved lipid profile, and blood pressure. He eliminated one of my two blood pressure meds and cut the cholesterol prescription in half.

With an understanding of the overall Zivli program I am pleased to not only know what lifestyle changes I needed to make, but more importantly knowing why and some of the science and research supporting these changes."

- Ron B. -

"I have lost nearly 30 pounds and kept it off. My triglycerides, HDL & LDL all showed improvement. I was able to get off 3 medications!"


“My father had serious heart problems & died of a heart attack at age 56. My mom was a dedicated Weight Watcher. We all bought into the low-fat, low-calorie foods that doctors suggested back then.

No one was concerned that highly processed foods were harming us in any way. I spent most of my adult years dieting on and off, usually following Weight Watchers or the occasional fad diet. I was successful at losing weight, but rarely kept it off because I didn't continue with it. I'd go back to my old eating habits.

I heard about "Clean Eating" from our adult daughters. I understood that too much sugar was unhealthy. I knew that processed foods, white flour, etc were bad for you, but I didn't really understand just how to fit this into my lifestyle.

It wasn't until I was introduced to Zivli AND started working together with my husband to follow it, that I finally "got it"! I've shed the outdated mindset of low-fat, low-cal foods and replaced it with high protein, healthy fats, low-carb, low-sugar foods.

Learning about WHY & HOW certain foods affect us, either in healthy or unhealthy ways, has convinced us that the changes we have been making this past year will help us live a longer, healthier life. We are looking forward to enjoying more of our retirement years!

My BMI is now within normal range. I have lost nearly 30 pounds and kept it off. My triglycerides, HDL & LDL all showed improvement. I was able to get off 3 medications!"

- Cathy B. -