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Exercise Tips & Plan to Lower Insulin Resistance

exercise tips lower insulin resistance Aug 20, 2023

In this video, you’ll learn exercise tips and a plan to lower insulin resistance. At the end, I’ll show you my actual workout schedule so you can mimic parts of it, or the whole thing if you’d like.

We hope you find this episode informative and motivating to get out and move!

Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic introduction. 

[1:20] Why muscle is important for stable blood sugar levels and lowering insulin resistance. 

[1:58] Sports stadium analogy for insulin, glucose, and muscle. 

[2:55] Why diabetics have elevated blood sugar levels long after a meal. 

[3:10] GLUT-4 transporters, insulin, and exercise. 

[3:50] Go for a walk after a meal to lower blood glucose and insulin levels.

[4:39] Zone 2 activity examples, recommendations, and benefits. 

[5:47] Importance of resistance training for lowering insulin resistance.

[7:57] Strength training recommendations. 

[7:40] My current workout routine explained. 

[11:57] Disclaimer for women in perimenopause for exercise programming.


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