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Practical Solutions to Eat Less Sugar & Reduce Cravings With Jenn Edden

reduce sugar cravings weight loss mindset tip Jun 07, 2023

Join us for this lively discussion with Jenn Edden about how to lower carb cravings and eat less sugar.

We covered lots of great topics including sugar addiction, how to stop craving sugar, how to have just a little sweets, how food chemicals increase sugar cravings, and what to do during and after a “binge” to get back “on track” quickly.


Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic introduction.

[4:50] Review of substance use disorder criteria to highlight the addictive nature of sugar.

[10:14] What if we pushed cocaine to cocaine addicts like we push sugar on sugar “addicts”?

[11:35] Unlinking eating sugar and carbs with comfort.

[13:13] Breaking the sweet cravings after dinner.

[16:46] Why sugar cravings are some form of imbalance & how chemicals in food cause sugar cravings.

[23:35] 4 steps to get back on track fast after eating sweets.

[30:00] Why reducing stress is critical to reducing sugar cravings.

[31:07] What to do during and after a binge to stop eating sweets.

[36:50] Different sugars will affect different people differently.

[45:33] The importance of stopping negative emotions following eating sweets.

[50:38] How being (somewhat) minimalistic with their life can help reduce sugar cravings.


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