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Breast Cancer Survivor & Plastic Surgeon Anne Peled, MD on Breast Cancer Prevention & Treatment

breast cancer awarness preventing breast cancer reduce risk for breast cancer Oct 04, 2023

Dr. Anne Peled, MD is a surgeon, an educator, a researcher, a mother, an athlete, and a breast cancer survivor. Just a few years into starting her own thriving breast cancer and plastic surgery practice, she was diagnosed with breast cancer herself, which gives her the unusual perspective of both the expert and the patient.

With her husband Ziv Peled, MD, also a board-certified plastic surgeon, she is currently pioneering an entirely new way of treating breast cancer with a combined mastectomy and reconstruction technique that preserves the nipple, the skin, and the sensation, with manageable recovery and hospital time.

She started researching this method of surgery when she herself was faced with the decision about what treatment to have for breast cancer, and there was no option like this available to her at that time. Her goal is for women to come out of her care feeling stronger than they ever have been, and it is this holistic approach to healthcare that is the underpinning to her practice and her teaching.

We hope you enjoy this episode and share it with someone you know who may benefit from knowing this kind of procedure is an option if they are facing breast cancer.


Highlights From This Episode

[0:00] Topic introduction. 

[4:58] Dr. Peled’s story on her experience with breast cancer. 

[7:28] Dr. Peled’s story on her and his husband’s “sensation preserving mastectomy.”

[13:33] How to prevent breast cancer/how to reduce risk for breast cancer. 

[15:50] Nutrition tips that reduce breast cancer risk. 

[16:50] How to identify if you are in the high-risk category for breast cancer.

[23:05] Insulin resistance and breast cancer risk. 

[28:18] Breast cancer treatment. 

[29:46] Breast cancer recovery, side effects of the treatment. 

[33:55] Post-surgical tips.


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