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Aside from teaching about healthy weight loss and disease prevention on my own podcast, Reshape Your Health with Dr. Morgan Nolte, I spread the word as often as I can!


Video Interviews

Dr. Alyssa Kuhn YouTube Channel | Is INSULIN RESISTANCE making your osteoarthritis pain worse?! | WATCH THIS INTERVIEW



KNSB Local 4 News | Tips to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes | WATCH THIS SEGMENT



Megan Nelson | Oil Up Omaha | How to prioritize weight loss goals and action items in 2021. | WATCH THIS INTERVIEW



Dr. Alyssa Kuhn | Arthritis Adventure | Why insulin resistance and inflammation must be controlled to lose weight and reduce pain from osteoarthritis. | WATCH THIS INTERVIEW



Dr. Rozalyn Moore | Rekinetic PT | Why insulin resistance is at the heart of weight gain and disease, plus how to leverage your food choices, food timing, and other lifestyle factors to reduce insulin resistance. | WATCH THIS INTERVIEW 

Podcast Interviews

Everyday Wellness Podcast with Cynthia Thurlow | Insulin Resistance, Explained | LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW



Over 50 Health and Wellness Podcast with Kevin English | Weight Loss for Health | LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW

Written Press

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Healthline | Why It’s Never too Late to Start Exercising | READ THIS ARTICLE

Healthline | Why You Shouldn’t Wait Too Long to Get Your Knee Replaced | READ THIS ARTICLE

Shape | The Link Between Cortisol & Exercise | READ THIS ARTICLE

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